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Garden Suburb Junior School


To see the expectations for your child's year group in reading, writing, maths and science, please click on the tabs below.


The Year 6 children will be taking their SATs papers (Standard Attainment Tests) during the week commencing Tuesday 9th May 2023.

Y6 children will sit tests in:

  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar

  • Reading

  • Maths

As in previous years the tests will be marked externally and writing continues to be teacher assessed.

Instead of the previous national curriculum levels, pupils will receive:

  • A raw score (number of marks awarded)

  • A scaled score

  • Confirmation of whether or not they have met the national standard

A scaled score of 100 will represent the national standard in 2020. The scale will have a lower end point below 100 and an upper end point above 100. The score needed to reach the national standard will not be announced by the government until the tests have been externally marked in July 2020.


Click on the link below for more information about the of key stage tests:

SATS presentation for parents 2024


This year, teacher assessments will be made against the ‘Interim Teacher Assessment Framework’. Each of the standards within the interim framework contains a number of ‘pupil can’ statements. To demonstrate that pupils have met the standard within this interim framework, teachers will need to have evidence that a pupil demonstrates attainment of all of the statements within that standard and all the statements in the preceding standard(s).See Y6 Expected Standard Documents.

Reading Expected Standard

Writing Expected Standard

Maths Expected Standard

Science Expected Standard


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