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Garden Suburb Junior School

School Travel Plan News

     'We are pleased to inform you that Transport for London (TfL) has confirmed that your school has achieved 2017 Gold STARS (Sustainable Travel; Active, Responsible, Safe) accreditation. This is in recognition of all of the wonderful work you and your school has completed as part of your School Travel Plan to encourage safer and more sustainable travel and reduce car use.'

The Junior Travel Ambassadors held an assembly about Road Safety Week in November where they discussed how to cycle and walk to and from school safely. Children were taught how to safely cross main roads and how reflective clothing will help them be seen by other pedestrians and motorists. Another serious point that was discussed was the importance of children not using their mobile phones when crossing roads. Children must be aware of what is around them whilst crossing and should never be distracted by their screens or on the phone. 

Year 3 will be taking part in Bikeability in the Spring term where they will have the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike and develop their ‘safe-cycling’ skills.