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Garden Suburb Junior School

School Code

Getting Ready for School

  • Wear your school uniform.
  • Always remember your P.E. kit and homework. All your belongings need to be clearly named.
  • Be punctual.

Trying your Best

  • Walk around the school quietly, on the left hand side of the corridor and stairs.
  • Work hard and allow others to do the same.

Getting on Well with Each Other

  • Show courtesy to others.
  • Show consideration and understanding for others’ religion, race, physical differences or disabilities.
  • Be self-controlled. Tell an adult your problem or walk away.
  • Try to include others in your games.
  • Play fairly.
  • Think about others’ feelings.

Keeping Safe

  • Only use tools, scissors or P.E. equipment with an adult there to help you.
  • Go straight home after school.
  • Walk calmly around the school.
  • Open and close doors carefully and safely.
  • Be extra attentive and sensible on school trips.

Looking after our School

  • Always put litter in a bin.
  • Look after books and put equipment away properly.
  • Keep the cloakrooms and toilets clean and tidy.

Looking after Yourself

  • If you have any worries tell your class teacher or any member of staff, they will listen to you.