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Garden Suburb Junior School


Thank you for visiting the Geography Curriculum page. I hope you enjoy finding out how important Geography is to us at Garden Suburb and how it is taking place.


News and events


Fairtrade Week

Fairtrade Competition

Pupils were asked to design a chocolate bar with a Fairtrade wrapper. They were asked to think about

  • Ingredients
  • The logo
  • The Brand
  • The design


Fairtrade Breakfast

Garden Suburb Junior held a ‘Fairtrade Breakfast’. During the week, each class learnt about the importance of Fairtrade products and where our food comes from. All children were asked to design an ideal healthy Fairtrade breakfast. At the end of the week, pupils brought in the breakfast they had designed; some pupils baked using Fairtrade ingredients and others went to supermarkets in search for the Fairtrade logo. On Friday morning, all pupils indulged in the breakfast while watching ‘Fairtrade’ videos and participating in quizzes to test their knowledge. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all! 


Isle of Wight

Year 6 went on a residential trip to the Isle of Wight during the Autumn Term. The had an opportunity to participate in many different Geography related activities. Year 6 enjoyed taking part in orienteering tasks where they used different clues to navigate themselves around the site. At the beach, they went rock pooling. They used buckets and nets to observe animals and plants in their natural habitats.


Flag of the week

Every week, Year 6 pupils choose a different country to study. They research the country’s flag and write a short paragraph on the country which is displayed in the main corridor.


Learning by year group

Year 3

Weather around the World


Volcanoes and Tsunamis


Year 4

Study of a UK region


Study of a European Region


Year 5

Study of a river environment


Year 3

Weather around the world


Volcanoes and tsunamis


Year 4

Study of a UK region


Study of a European Region


Year 5

Study of a river environment


Study of the regions of America: Brazil


Year 6

Study of local area and how its changed





Some useful websites

Primary Geography Games

Geography Research Websites



Our philosophy

At Garden Suburb, the teaching of Geography motivates children to find out about the world around them and enables them to recognise the importance of sustainable development. Through their work in Geography, children learn about their local area and compare this with other regions of the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

There is a focus on location and place knowledge as well as geographical skills such as using maps, atlases and globes. Through their growing knowledge and understanding of human geography, children gain an appreciation of life in other cultures. In addition, children will study a variety of physical features using subject specific vocabulary.

Children will collect and analyse data from a range of sources and communicate this in a variety of ways, including maps, numbers and writing. Where possible, the study of this subject is cross-curricular and children are provided with an understanding of what it means to be a global citizen. This will encourage a respect for other cultures and the environment.