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Garden Suburb Junior School

Extra curricular activities

Click here to view the clubs timetable for Autumn 2019

See below for more information about the extra curricular activities available at our school. 


Garden Suburb Junior School is one of the leading state primary schools for chess in the country. Over the years, the teams have competed with great success in the National Primary Schools Chess Championships. The school has won the National Championships on three occasions, beating hundreds of schools from across the country. 

Chess helps to improve logical and strategic thinking as well as concentration and focus. Chess is a level playing field for all and many of the children become extremely committed to the game. As well as the school lunchtime chess clubs, there is the opportunity to join the local Barnet Junior chess club, Barnet Knights, which meets at the school on a Monday night. 

Chess is a well attended club in the school.The school chess club is run by British Master Rob Willmoth and International Master Lorin D'Costa

Year 3 Chess Club- Thursday  lunchtime (Rob Willmoth) 

Year 4 Chess Club- Friday lunchtime (Lorin D'Costa)

Years 5 & 6 Chess Club- Tuesday lunchtime ( Lorin D'Costa)

Advanced group (invitation only) for chess coaching-Monday lunchtime ( Rob Willmoth)


Lower school choir-Tuesday lunchtime (12:50-1:20)

Upper school choir-Thursday lunchtime (12:50-1:20)



Dance & Drama

This club is run by Mari Mackenzie. Mari trained at the Rambert School of ballet and her lessons will introduce children to a wide variety of  dance and musical styles including Ballet, Flamenco, Jazz, African and Pop. 

Wednesdays after school


Street Dance Club

This club is run by Joshephine Tarquinio Singh, a dance teacher, choreographer and drama specialist. The repetitive movements involved in Street Dance can improve muscle tone, correct poor posture, increase balance and co-ordination and improve cardiovascular health. Street Dance is also a highly social activity where children improve their social and communication skills, learn how to work as part of a team, develop a greater sense of trust and co-operation and make new friends. 

Fridays after school


Lower school boys' football- Monday after school

Upper school boys' football- Thursday after school

Girls' football (all years)- Monday after school



High 5s (Netball)

Years 5 and 6 - Thursdays after school


Fridays after school


Multi Sports

Each week, the children will play a different Olympic and Paralympic activity

Tuesdays after school



All Years - Wednesday lunch (12:20-1pm)


Spanish Club

This is a club for Year 5s and 6s only. It meets on a Tuesday after school. 


Peripatetic music classes