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Garden Suburb Junior School

Building Learning Powers

What is Building Learning Power (BLP)?

  • Helping children become better learners
  • Developing transferable learning power
  • Preparing children for a lifetime of learning

What is BLP based on?

  • The pioneering work of Professor Guy Claxton, who is programme consultant and chief inspiration for the programme
  • An extensive body of research into learning and the brain
  • Recent research into the key dimensions of learning power
  • Practical trials in schools across the country

Benefits of BLP

  • Increased motivation
  • Increased enjoyment in learning
  • Established habits of lifelong learning
  • Enhanced creativity 
  • Supple learning minds
  • Re-energised teachers
  • Raised achievement at all levels
  • Improved behaviour


Learning Powers




What we are doing in school

  • Posters- around the school and hanging in each classroom
  • LPs incorporated into all lessons
  • Regular school assemblies with a focus on a LP
  • New songs for assembly- tailored lyrics
  • Comments on certificates for behaviour/work to reflect LPs
  • Comments in books to reflect LPs with stars and wishes


How you can help your child at home

  • Encourage children to do same at home- getting things ready for school, planning free time, managing resources, collaborative play with siblings
  • Talk- about events at school, what they learnt rather than did
  • Feed curiosity- develop enquiring minds- in Waitrose etc
  • Build empathy- encourage kindness/ sharing- outside world/ news
  • Be a good role model- not being rude, minimise mobile phone-use etc
  • Encourage collaboration- share roles at meal times
  • High expectations- hobbies/interests
  • Demonstrate- ability to practise, persevere and be resilient
  • Support the school as a valued place of learning – unequivocal research to prove:

“If you support the learning your child is doing at school, it positively affects how well they do.”


Recommended book for parents:

Great Minds And How To Grow Them- Wendy Berliner