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Garden Suburb Junior School

Barnet Athletics Meet

The athletics team have won the Barnet Athletics Meet.

On Friday 10th May, 43 children from Years 3-6 attended the Barnet Athletics Meet. The morning began with the field events: jumping and throwing. Despite the poor weather and limited time, the team had spent the weeks prior working hard and practising for their event. The results can be seen below:

Year 5 Girls

Speed Bounce – Chloe – 2nd

Long Jump – Liana – 2nd

Javelin – Mia – 2nd

Shot Put – Safiyah – 2nd

Year 5 Boys

Speed Bounce – Rio – 1st

Long Jump – Domik – 2nd

Javelin – Caspian – 1st

Shot Put – Ethan – 1st

Year 6 Girls

Speed Bounce – Evie – 1st

Long Jump – Alma – 1st

Javelin – Olivia – 2nd

Shot Put – Mariana – 1st

Year 6 Boys

Speed Bounce – Angelo – 1st

Long Jump – Ron – 4th

Javelin - Sachin – 2nd

Shot Put – Taisei – 3rd

In the afternoon, the golf and track events took place. The team had practised the relays – in particular the baton changes – in the weeks leading up to the big day. The focus was such that the Year 4s wanted to practise during the morning. The hard work paid off with the following results in the relays: Year 4 girls (2nd), Year 4 boys (3rd), Year 5 girls (2nd), Year 5 boys (1st), Year 6 girls (1st) and Year 6 boys (1st). Congratulations as well to Ron in Year 6 who came first in the sprint.

The behaviour of the children was superb: they spent the duration cheering each other on and chanting. It was amazing to see such pride for the school and the community coming together. Thank you too to the parents who showed wonderful support for our pupils. The children worked really hard and this accumulated in two trophies: best on the field events and best overall school. Well done to everyone who took part.