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Garden Suburb Junior School

Science Week and Science Café

This week we have celebrated Science Week. The children have been immersed in science starting the day with science challenges in the soft start. The House Captains led House assemblies on Monday with engaging science experiments and the week has been packed with a variety of scientific activities ending today with our Science Café.

Thank you to the parents and friends with jobs in science who came to help in our Science Café today. The children got to choose from the menu below and a scientist was brought to their table. In groups the children were able to ask questions and look at scientific resources. Year 6 pupils waited on tables and served biscuits and juice. It was a fabulous event and the feedback from our scientists was that the children had some very thoughtful and interesting questions.

This was a wonderful way of exposing the children to jobs that they may have never even heard of or considered and helped them to see the relevance of studying science. Thank you to everyone who made this ambitious event possible. Miss Childs and Miss Quinn, Science Co-ordinators, worked extremely hard to make this event a success.