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Garden Suburb Junior School

Year 5 Visit Hampton Court Palace

Year 5 are currently learning all about the Tudors in their History topic. They are also reading the thrilling historical novel of ‘Treason’ by Berlie Doherty which is set right in the middle of King Henry VIII’s reign. The whole year group were therefore very excited to visit Hampton Court Palace at the beginning of November and enjoy the grand, royal surroundings that they had read about. 

Each class took part in a workshop to learn about Tudor trade and how sailors like Sir Francis Drake navigated their way around the globe in search of new commodities such as spices, tea and precious metals.  The children spent time admiring the architecture and tapestries in the magnificent Great Hall. They also saw a replica of King Henry’s crown in his chapel and explored the vast Tudor kitchens which served hundreds of courtiers every day. 

Despite the rain they were able to look at and admire the beautiful courtyards, intriguing herb garden and manicured lawns.  They really felt part of the Tudor story.