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Garden Suburb Junior School

Barnet Athletics Meet

Students from Year 3-6 have taken parent in the Barnet Athletics Meet.

The Barnet Athletics Meet is an annual athletics event that takes place in the StoneX Stadium home of rugby team Saracens FC. 15 schools take part and all of them must be 'bigger' schools meaning they have two or more classes per year group.

Trials for the team took place during the summer term with the best runners, jumpers and throwers from across the school invited to test themselves against other athletes in the borough. As a team we received the following results:

  • Overall school: 2nd
  • Overall track: 2nd
  • Overall field: 2nd
  • Tug-of-war: 2nd

These results are fantastic and all of the children can be very proud of how they competed on the day. Below is a look at some of the individual and relay results in the track and field:

  • Speedbounce girls - 2nd (Evie)
  • Speedbounce boys - 3rd (Angelo)
  • Long jump Y5 girls - 1st (Olivia)
  • Javelin Y5 girls - 4th (Mariana)
  • Javelin y5 boys - 5th (Sachin)
  • Shot-put Y5 girls - 2nd (Alma)
  • Long jump Y6 girls - 1st (Yanah)
  • Long jump Y6 boys - 3rd (Liam)
  • Javelin Y6 boys - 1st (Jacek)
  • Shot-put Y6 girls - 6th (Tashiyah)
  • Shot-put Y6 boys - 5th (Oliver)
  • 80m sprint Y6 girls - 1st (Yanah)
  • Year 3 relay - 3rd (Ornela, Ollie, Nahla & Danny)
  • Year 4 girls relay - 1st (Emma, Liana, Ana & Chloe)
  • Year 4 boys relay - 1st (Caspian, Ryan, Dave & Ethan)
  • Year 5 girls relay - 3rd ( Alma, Evie, Olivia & Bia)
  • Year 5 boys relay - 4th ( Sammy, Mattia, Adrian & Kevin)
  • Year 6 girls relay - 1st ( Ariela, Yanah, Zoe & Tatenda)
  • Year 6 boys relay - 1st ( Aruz, Adam, Idris & Liam)