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Garden Suburb Junior School

New Defibrillator

We now have a defibrillator

You may have heard on the news today that the government initiative of providing schools with defibrillators has begun. Garden Suburb Junior School was one of the first schools to get one.

The arrival of the defibrillator coincided with our Year 6 pupils learning about the heart and the circulatory system in Science.

As part of their learning, one of the questions they are asked to consider is ‘what happens if the heart stops’.  It was relevant to discuss with the children that all schools would now be getting a defibrillator due to the recent government initiative. The children watched a British Heart Foundation video on what a defibrillator does.

As defibrillators are becoming more visible and available, it is important that we are all educated about them and how they could save a life. Moving forward we will continue to incorporate a discussion about defibrillators into the children’s learning about Science and First Aid. Staff will also receive training. This knowledge will hopefully contribute to saving a life in the future.


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