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Garden Suburb Junior School

You are cordially invited..

This term the children have been focusing on creating a piece of work for our art exhibition which parents/carers are invited to attend. Please see the flyers below for more information.


Years 3 and 4 ExhibitionMonday 7th February from 2:30pm – 4:00pm

Years 5 and 6 ExhibitionTuesday 8th February from 2:30pm – 4:00pm


The company set up the gallery for us. The pictures are printed professionally and labelled with your child's name and the school logo. It is a memento that parent/children will keep forever! We will also have musicians playing to create a gallery ambiance.​ 


Each Year group has focused on a different artist:


Year 3: French Post-Impressionist, Artist Georges Pierre Seurat. They learnt about Seurat’s work, in particular about the painting technique, pointillism. Children used nature as their main theme to create an outline and they painted dots using cotton buds. The dots were placed together and this blended the dots to make a solid colour. Finally, they used fine liner pens to fill in details on their image.


Year 4: Brazilian Artist, Romero Britto. They looked at his work and discussed the common features, including the mixture of complementary and analogous colours in the patterns. Children used stencils, rulers and circular objects to create the partitions and draw the patterns within them.

Felt tips were used to colour their piece and they finished them off with freehand patterns using fine-liner pens. 


Year 5: Russian Artist, Wassily Kandinsky. They spent some time learning about his style and use of vibrant colour. They considered how he was inspired by music to paint in a more abstract way using shapes and lines. The children chose to paint a landscape vision or an abstract piece based on shapes and lines intertwining. They mapped out their creative design and then used paint and/or pastels to design a colourful art piece. Finally, they used fine liner pens to emphasise the shapes and to make the colours stand out.


Year 6:  Author and illustrator Jan Pieńkowski. They spent some time learning about his influences, in particular that of Polish folk stories and their traditional illustrations. They then designed their own silhouettes based on a happy memory. Next, they used marbling or watercolour techniques to design an eye catching background. Finally, they sketched the design onto their background using fine liner pens, adding intricate detail for effect.  

Please see the flyers below for more information.