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Garden Suburb Junior School

Bike to School week comes to an end

Thank you to everyone who participated or supported someone in Bike to School Week this week.

The following amount of children cycled or scooted to school this week:

Monday: 56

Tuesday: 72

Wednesday: 73

Thursday: 66

Friday: 68

"It was hard to do in the awful weather but it was really fun to participate! It was nice to get outside." - Elan, 6J

"I scooted every day, doing bunny hops along the way. I really enjoyed it." - Luca, 6J

"I liked riding my scooter because I can practise tricks on it." - Suki, 3G

"I like scooting to school because it brings me energy and it's really fun." - Tamar, 4S

"I like cycling so I'm not in a car and there's no pollution." - Adam, 5S

"I like scooting because it's faster and when its raining, I won't get soaked." - Elisa, 6G