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Garden Suburb Junior School

Year 5's carnival!

This term, year 5 have been studying carnivals around the world. Linked to our class book 'Coming to England', we have explored the history of carnivals and the incredible costumes worn. In P.E, we have been learning carnival dances, in Computing, we have created our own calypso soundtracks and for D.T, we had an interesting talk delivered by Ms.Joseph. She spoke in detail about the foods eaten at carnival, the music played by steel drum bands and how each intricate costume and headdress is made. 

We then collaborated on our own headdresses. We planned our themes in advance and partnered up, ready to get creative. We handcrafted delicate flowers, created patterns out of card and carefully placed our feathers and jewels before assembling them onto our headbands. When they were all completed, we gathered in the hall to test if they worked whilst we were doing our carnival dance moves! The day was a huge success and everyone really enjoyed their final product.